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The I-Card is yours to use, but it remains the property of BYU-Idaho. The I-Card must be returned to the University upon request. Fraudulent use of any I-Card may result in disciplinary action. You are entitled to have only ONE I-Card in your possession.

University departments, personnel, or community businesses may not ask to retain your I-Card as collateral for goods or services. Report any such occurrences to the I-Card Office.

In order to minimize your losses, it is your responsibility to inform the I-Card Office if you believe your card has been открытки для i-card lost or stolen.

You may use the I-Card to purchase school supplies at University Store. Charges will be applied to your Personal Account and can be paid online or at Cashier's Services. You may also use the I-Card for purchases at the following locations, but you must pre-deposit money to your I-Card account first:

  • Crossroads (University Cafeteria)
  • Copy Spot
  • Computer Labs

Источник: http://www.byui.edu/financial-services/student-financials/i-card

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